Our Core Values

What is most important to our Church?  What are we striving to accomplish and become through all that we do?  What is the atmosphere and attitude of our congregation?  The following are the Core Values that we hold most dear, and characterize us as a Church.  

THE BIBLE - We hold the bible to be God's ultimate source of authority in our lives.  We believe it should lead and instruct every aspect of our lives. Because we believe this, we are committed to reading and studying God's Word, using it to form and guide our decision making, and share it's timeless wisdom and truth with others.  

COMMUNITY - We believe God created us for community and to be in loving, God-honoring relationships with others.  Therefore, we place a lot of value on doing life together and sharing in each other's joys and burdens.

PRAYER - We are a people who believe in the power of prayer and that God hears and answers us when we pray.  We exercise prayer in various forms - including prayer blankets for the sick or hurting, prayer at the altar during worship, a prayer room where people can go 24/7 and pray, we have a prayer app for our smart phones to keep us all connected, and we include corporate prayer in all our services and small groups.

GIVING - We are a giving Church committed to giving God our Time, Talents, and Tithe as an act of worship.  We are always looking for ways we can help and support those doing the work of the Church in our community and around the world.  We also strive to compassionately help those in need.